Geoff Watkinson has contributed to Guernica, storySouth, The Humanist, The San Diego-Tribune, The Virginian-Pilot, and Switchback, among others. His first nonfiction collection, Have Some Faith in Loneliness & Other Essays, is due out in 2022. He is the founder/managing editor of Green Briar Review (www.greenbriarreview.com). Find him on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

Geoff brings multifaceted writing, editing, and research experience. He has managed two literary journals, published dozens of essays, worked as a communications director, proposal writer, technical writer, marketing coordinator, publications specialist, writing instructor, and freelance writer.

Geoff currently teaches at Monmouth University. He has taught college English courses in writing and literature for nine years, including as a full-time Lecturer in the English Department at Seton Hall University from 2018 through 2020. He was an Assistant Adjunct Professor at Old Dominion University, where he completed an M.F.A., and was a Teaching Fellow at Seton Hall University while completing an M.A. Geoff has published journalism, personal essays, memoir, and book and film reviews in literary reviews and journals, newspapers, and regional and national magazines.

If you are interested in writing, editing, proofreading, or resume services, please contact him at watkinge@gmail.com

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